10 Steps to Successful VoIP Implementation

In the beginning, the very beginning, voices or rather mumbles were heard. Thousands of years later, Alexander Bell put that voice on a wire. Even then, skeptics thought the telephone was a nuisance. As one executive put it, "I have messenger boys to do my business." A hundred years later, VoIP for business is changing it all again. After a decade of research and development, VoIP for business is now available and offers many advantages and business-enhancing possibilities.


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Download this white paper to gain a 10-step process to implement VoIP successfully, and learn more about the 'hottest' benefits and features of VoIP for business, including:

  • Lowers Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • Enables Personal Administration of Service and Features
  • Simplifies Billing
  • Enables Unified Messaging and Integration with Microsoft Outlook
  • Supports Multiple Sites
  • Improves Audit Trail
  • Reduces/eliminates the concept of "local" versus "long distance" and variable per-month charges