Hosted PBX Service Provider Checklist

When you make the move to a hosted voice solution, you are entrusting a service provider with your vital business communications. However, there are many types of providers offering hosted services that range from resellers of Internet-based hosted service, to service providers who own and operate their own nationwide networks. As a result, the services and features they offer vary greatly.

A thorough evaluation of potential service providers and their hosted offerings will help you make an informed decision so that you can better realize the benefits of hosted communications. These benefits include:  eliminating capital expenses, operational savings, access to Unified Communications features, freeing up IT resources, and centralized control of your calling features across locations.

A checklist features key questions to ask when evaluating Hosted PBX providers, and includes an explanation of why these questions are critical in selecting the right Hosted PBX solution for your business.

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This checklist outlines basic—but critical—questions to ask when evaluating Hosted PBX Service Providers.