Vocational Training Leader Achieves Scalability to Manage Growth: Fedcap and the XO Hosted PBX Solution

Founded in 1935, Fedcap Rehabilitation Services, Inc. is a non-profit organization that helps create opportunities for people with barriers to economic independence.

Fedcap has experienced a tremendous growth in the past few years and needed flexible communications solutions that would scale easily. The organization has adopted a suite of solutions from XO, including Hosted PBX, MPLS IP-VPN networking, voice services, and IP Flex, a converged voice and data VoIP solution.

In the video, Richard Matist, Fedcap's director of information technology, talks about the key benefits of the XO Hosted PBX solution, his experience implementing and managing XO services, and how Fecap's ongoing partnership with XO Communications helps the non-profit manage its rapid growth while converging and optimizing its voice and data networking systems.

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