An Ethical Hacker on Securing the Cloud: Scotty Webb, XO Communications

Certified ethical hacker, Scotty Webb, shares insights in this brief interview with Mary Foltz of the XO marketing team that launched security offerings detailed at He speaks of his passion for cyber security in helping protect customers from malware and cyber-attacks, whether virus, worm or Trojan. He also comments on top trends and threats.

A sought-after resource inside the company and beyond, Scotty helps shape XO security solutions. He's happy to share and apply all he knows about hacker habits and intrusions in their many forms, from network sniffing and DDoS, to ICMP flood attacks and MITM (man in the middle). This interview only scratches the surface. For more, check out Scotty's blog on Smart FAQs for Securing Data in the Cloud -- Part 1 and Part 2 -- of his Ethical Hacker's Notebook.