XO Ethernet Over Copper Solution Provides Increased Bandwidth and 100% Service Availability for Help USA

HELP USA is a national nonprofit organization headquartered in New York City.

HELP USA's mission is to empower the homeless and others in need to become and remain self-reliant. Through the development of quality housing with on-site support services, HELP USA provides resources for its residents to become independent and productive.

It's challenge:  to replace T1 connections at the organization's headquarters and ensure a reliable, higher-speed Internet connection The organization had two T1 lines coming into its New York City headquarters. Together, the lines provided just 3 Mbps of bandwidth at a cost of $1,400/month. Its 19 remote offices are connected by virtual private network (VPN) to servers at the headquarters, where all email and files are stored. Although one of the T1s was a designated backup, when one line went down, the other went down with it-leaving HELP USA without a network or backup.

With 10 Mbps Ethernet over Copper with Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) from XO, the company was able to make an easy transition to a solution that increased bandwidth for a lower cost, provided network reliability without the downtime, and implemented fast, nighttime backups.