Voice and Data Provider Improves Network Performance and Reduces Cost with XO High Speed IP Transit

Challenge: increase network resilience and connectivity after a large company acquired several of Covad's IP transit service providers, and merged them into the same network.

Covad is dedicated to helping small and medium-sized companies grow with reliable, high-quality voice and data solutions geared toward the unique needs of their businesses. Until recently, Covad had two or three connections within each IP POP to various Internet transit service providers to ensure network resilience.

However, after several mergers and acquisitions in the industry, Covad's two or three connections ended up on a single Internet transit network. "Having all our Internet connections within an IP POP going through a single service provider was not optimal. If that network had a problem, our service to customers would be at risk," said Darren Sandford, Covad Director of Network Planning, Design, and Analysis.

While maintaining the connection with the merged company, Covad sought an additional service provider to increase network resilience and connectivity.

"We required an established national carrier that could meet the growing needs of Covad, had a large enough footprint to offer services from almost all of our IP POPs, and offered performance quality backed by Service Level Agreements," said Sandford.