Pacific Medical Centers Enhances Network Capacity for Secure Transmission of Patient Records with XO Ethernet VPLS

Pacific Medical Centers chose XO Ethernet VPLS, which provides 10 Mbps of bandwidth per location. The solution provides plenty of room for growth at a much more affordable price compared with a T3/DS3 service.

XO Ethernet VPLS allows Pacific Medical Centers to extend its existing Ethernet LAN over a managed WAN solution. Ballard and his staff manage the network routing, and XO provides geographically dispersed clinics with Ethernet multipoint service (or any-to-any connectivity), which is required for enterprise-scale applications like EMR systems that are transmission-sensitive, require high speed, high bandwidth, and stringent security.

With XO Ethernet VPLS service, Pacific Medical Centers does not have to share address and routing information with any service provider. They can also privately transport both IP and non-IP traffic while enjoying the highest levels of network performance, cost efficiency, and easy scalability.