Kawasaki Accelerates Network Performance with XO MPLS IP-VPN

Kawasaki Motors Corporation, U.S.A, is a wholesale marketing distribution company that delivers across the United States, including Latin America and Guam, with about 1,400 dealers and distributors. 

By launching a new network performance solution, Kawasaki was looking to find a lower-cost solution and to improve the reliability and quality of its wide area network (WAN). By deploying the XO MPLS IP-VPN solution, Kawasaki improved the quality of its network and better utilized IT resources. With XO MPLS IP-VPN, Kawasaki reduced costs by 40%.XO MPLS IP-VPN is a network-based, MPLS-enabled WAN solution that offers multi-site businesses more bandwidth for the dollar, faster application deployment, lower network operating costs, and more access options than traditional WAN services.