First Cash Puts Customers First with XO Managed Interactive Voice Response Solution

First Cash and XO worked together to craft a solution for inbound Interactive Voice Response (IVR). 

Carly Sherman, Corporate Marketing and Communications Manager, said "The XO team really listened to our needs and recommended the right setup." The solution was a state-of-the-art Voice XML platform with proven industry leadership. "The transition to the new system was very smooth."

The Managed Inbound IVR solution from XO offered all of the features and benefits that First Cash and its customers needed.

With the new solution, First Cash callers gained:

  • The option, when dialing in, to choose among First Cash store locations
  • The ability to learn the location of the three nearest stores based on ZIP code
  • Dynamic routing functionality that allowed callers to choose the store they wished to connect to

First Cash gained:

  • Easy, self-administered management of store locations in the system
  • Valuable tracking and reporting on system usage, which provided intelligence that First Cash could use to optimize the customer experience

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