East Orange Non-Profits Use XO IP Flex to Reduce Voice and Data Costs Dramatically

Since deploying XO IP Flex in May 2005, East Orange Child Development and East Orange Community Charter School have paid a flat rate for voice and data services across multiple locations encompassing 58 phone lines and two T1 lines.

Key features of the new system include:

  • The ability to use existing telecommunications equipment already on premises.
  • Dynamic bandwidth allocation, which assigns additional bandwidth to data throughput when phone lines are idle.
  • "Unlike fixed bandwidth, the dynamic approach means there is no wasted or unused bandwidth, which would be money lost," Simmons said.
  • Local, long distance and inbound toll-free calling, plus Internet access, and web hosting across five sites.
  • Online feature management that allows Simmons to manage voice mail boxes and hunt groups - without having to place a call to vendors and wait for service.
  • The reliability and security of the XO national IP network and softswitch technology.
  • Automatic Call Routing.