E&S Ring Management Cut Cost and Complexity with Integrated Voice MPLS and XO Communications Carrier Services from CDW

E&S Ring Management Corporation manages properties with approximately 11,000 residential apartments in Southern and Northern California-plus 800 boat slips.

The company captures residential payments electronically, and offers interactive web tools. Along with the Internet, E&S Ring also relies heavily on phone and fax communications.

E&S Ring faced increasing voice and Internet costs along with poor-quality data service. The company used different service providers for data and voice services in separate networks, a system that was pricey and inefficient. Their challenge - to upgrade from separate, complex legacy voice connections which were expensive and difficult to manage-offered by a handful of carriers.

With MPLS IP-VPN from XO, the company gained a number of benefits including:  savings on WAN and voice, increased network scalability and redundancy, and easier end-to-end network management.

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