Central Alarm Control is Safe and Secure with XO Hosted PBX

Central Alarm Control monitors alarms for more than 140 alarm companies, serving 120,000 business and residential customers. 

The company, established more than 25 years ago, depends on its phone lines to keep business running and to provide exceptional service to customers. The company was seeking a new service provider - one that would help reduce costs, offer better customer service, and help deploy a call center that would support future growth.

Central Control Care deployed One iPBX from XO - a managed PBX service. One iPBX is an integrated PBX voice and data solution that provides local and long distance service.

Key benefits include:

  • A single monthly invoice for all services, and predictable local and long distance charges. This makes it easier to control communications costs and reduces the administrative burden of managing multiple vendors
  • No upfront investment in capital equipment. This leaves more time and money to manage and grow the business
  • Avaya or Nortel phone equipment, with digital, IP, or analog phones
  • A complete portfolio of calling features, and productivity enhancing applications, such as click-to-dial, call logs, and a graphical user interface for phone administration.

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