Signature Consultants: High-Performing XO Network is Paramount to IT Staffing Leader’s Success

Headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Signature Consultants is the 16th largest IT staffing firm in the United States. With 22 offices around the country, the company faced a serious challenge— it needed a unified network to help restore reliability and ensure high performance at all of its locations. 

In this video Signature Consulting’s Chief Information Officer, Chris Tyrell, explains why his company chose XO Communications to implement a MPLS IP-VPN solution across its entire enterprise. 

The solution also included XO® IP Flex with VPN, hosted security, application performance monitoring, network-based firewalls, and Enterprise SIP. Find out what Tyrell has to say about his experience working with XO and how the partnership with XO Communications provides the customization, redundancy, cost-savings and uptime that is essential for Signature Consulting’s continued growth.