Measuring and Enabling Mobile Worker Success with UCaaS

Remote working becomes more common with each passing day. Whether it’s your sales teams hitting the road to close deals or entire companies going virtual, we’re seeing more demand for flexible UCaaS technology that accommodates this new type of workforce, such as business collaboration apps and intelligent call routing. Contributing to this demand is the entry of millennials into the workforce, as this generation seeks greater control over where, when, and how work gets done.

Managing remote workers presents a challenge for bosses. If an employee is struggling, it might take you longer to notice, and intervene with the right type of support. Conversely, if an employee is excelling, it could also take longer to notice and respond with deserved recognition. To keep productivity and morale high among remote teams, follow these steps:

  • Establish clear metrics. Work with each team member to find the goals and statistics that tell the story of what they’re doing. When you’ve identified what you need to be measuring, set realistic expectations and follow up frequently on how things are tracking. Don’t be surprised if being allowed to work on their own schedules boosts employees' productivity, and you see these goals consistently exceeded.
  • Use a business collaboration app. From Skype for Business to Slack, you’ve got a dizzying array of apps to choose from to keep your team in constant contact with one another. When you can’t rely on tapping someone on the shoulder to get their immediate attention, these business collaboration apps offer a better way to stay in touch, as urgent communications won’t be getting lost to your email inbox.
  • Schedule standing check-ins. Set aside time each day for your team to connect on any and all projects to catch any issues before they become critical. These sessions can take place via video conference or phone, or everyone can simply hop onto your chat platform of choice at the same time. Get a clear sense of what was accomplished yesterday, and what everyone’s priorities are for today.
  • Focus on results, not time spent. Rather than focusing on when everyone clocks in or out, focus on what actually matters -- their output. As long as the work is completed on time, and it’s still meeting all your requirements, don’t waste time worrying about how and when mobile workers are getting it done.

Almost every business is confronting challenges raised by remote workers, and the market is responding with new and varied tools to minimize or eliminate these challenge. Unified communications as a service (UCaaS) delivers myriad communication and collaboration applications over an IP network. UCaaS means that employees can bring their own devices (BYOD) and still maintain a unified experience that keeps them connected and productive.