Businesses Remain At Risk of BYOD Security Issues

The enterprise mobility trend has come to a head in the past few years, as a growing majority of businesses and public sector organizations begin to leverage the power of smartphones, tablets, portable computers and wearable gadgets. While the benefits of BYOD are real and attainable, such as increased employee engagement and productivity along with fewer capital expenditures, the security threats are clear and present. 

New report highlights common shortfalls

GigaOM Research recently released a study that found many companies are doing very little, if anything, to protect themselves from the threats that come along with enterprise mobility initiatives, regardless of which approach the firms take to the strategies. According to the firm, mobile device and application management has become somewhat one-dimensional in the current market, as organizations do little more than deploy simple solutions. 

On the other hand, the analysts affirmed that a sound BYOD management framework would be characterized by a healthy combination of oversight tools, corporate policies and comprehensive guidance that will reduce the chances of an employee making a mistake that results in data breach. In terms of the sheer variety of threat channels in BYOD environments, GigaOM Research pointed to malicious websites that have dangerous links, unsanctioned application use and a complete lack of control over corporate data access and sharing. 

Furthermore, the source suggested that companies must find ways to improve their preparation and incident-response practice ahead of BYOD deployments to become more resilient to the myriad threats contained within the mobility trend. 

Why managed security?

At the end of the day, the most common goal among the average decision-maker is to have the most prolific operations and fewest vulnerabilities possible. With the rapid proliferation of new tools, technologies and trends that have challenged virtually ever business in the world, managers can quickly lose sight of security best practices

Instead of struggling with these matters and putting the business at risk, leaders should consider leveraging the support of a reliable and proficient managed security provider in the near future.