Reliable, Scalable, Secure: Hosted PBX

Communication is a key to success for small businesses, regardless of the industry. Without a secure and reliable method, startup companies could find themselves far behind the proverbial curve that, in this case, is market share. Another factor in success lies in the cloud. The ability to properly scale a business up and down will improve spending and reduce unnecessary costs associated with data center infrastructure and IT departments that keep the cloud functioning. Hosted PBX provides organizations of any size with the ability to communicate reliably without any worries in regard to environmental conditions, costs and security.

This includes all the necessary hardware that is required when constructing a server and data center in which to host it. The costs and troubles of building a data center can add up quickly. IT employees immediately become a necessity, bandwidth needs to be considered and service quality lies in the hand of the IT department. All of those problems can be addressed for a business that is already quite large, but when starting a company with a finite amount of funds, these expenditures may seem unnecessary.

Another issue with on-premise or phone service providers is that downtime can be expected. Hosted PBX solutions stop that situation from being a threat to business productivity. Hosted PBX vendors improve uptime, according to Processor. The hosting of communications on off-site data centers mitigates any threats of disasters disrupting operations. Stahl told Processor that one hosted PBX customer in Manhattan has been through 9/11, Hurricane Sandy and the blackout of 2008, but it never had its hosted solution stop working.

No operation can forego communication. It will act as the backbone for all business processes. Paying a hosted PBX provider to run corporate communications can make the difference between success and failure in the short term.


Hosted PBX solution providers also provide stability for the long-term. A provider's technicians and support staff glean from the knowledge of working with many other companies and can find the correct solutions and infrastructure to fit any business' needs. Hosted PBX ensures ease of use, a strong infrastructure benefits and scalability.

When hiring or terminating employees, hosted PBX providers can add or remove phone lines with a simple request. This allows businesses to mitigate the worries of taking on part- or full-time staff members who may end up being critical to a startup's success. Multiple phone numbers can be even be added to single PBX phones in order to get serious about scaling down.

Additionally, long-term contracts with phone service providers are a nuisance of the past. Billing for PBX and bandwidth can be changed at any time and companies only have to pay once a month to receive all the benefits of cloud solutions, such as a mobile workforce and customer support.

Hosted PBX providers ensure that all of their technology is up-to-date and of high quality. Startups do not need to experience the bills associated with high-performance hardware and infrastructure, but they will receive all the benefits. The only costs for businesses are in the form of purchasing the devices with which to make the calls.


Similar to cloud solutions, hosted PBX is secured by the third-party provider. This is increasingly important in an age when data breaches are far too common. Business2Continuity reported that phones are a more vulnerable form of communication than many consumers are lead to believe. The good news is that with a hosted PBX provider, companies can expect to receive in-depth monitoring of activities, real time alerts and portal controls on a user interface.

A hosted PBX provider also has the ability to immediately remediate any potential risks associated with fraud or corporate data theft. It will be able to identify strange trends in service and this could save any business thousands of dollars if not implemented. The Communications Fraud Control Service found that PBX hacking resulted in $4.42 billion in lost revenue in 2013 and normal phone system hijackings costs organizations $3.6 billion during the same year. With a hosted PBX solution provider, the chances of getting hacked are drastically decreased.

Furthermore, security is important for businesses that want PBX solutions on their mobile devices. Smartphones and tablets are becoming increasingly vulnerable to malicious threats. Using hosted solutions, encryption is essential and provided for the company.

Deciding on a hosted PBX solution can become an easy task when considering reliability, scalability and security measures.