Amazon Web Services on Direct Connect is the Perfect Solution for SMBs

Amazon Web Services offers customers a wide array of cloud-hosted abilities. Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud can run business-critical applications and analyze data with high performance. Need to backup information and archive critical data? Amazon Simple Storage Service remains to be one of the best solutions. An efficient method for storing, analyzing and retrieving large amounts of data can be found with the service, Amazon DynamoDB. Amazon Private Cloud enables organizations to use all of those services in a secure network environment. Then, there is Amazon Direct Connect. This is the tool that will deliver all of those services with reliability, efficiency and speed.

"With tools such as Amazon VPC, AWS Direct Connect and AWS Data Pipeline, customers are able to more easily extend on-premises IT through AWS," Mirandi said. "We believe large enterprise clients drive the majority of AWS revenue, making it critical for AWS to invest in hybrid IT options."

Direct Connect

Amazon Direct Connect enables businesses to achieve high bandwidth and low latency private connections to AWS data centers. Companies with high data volumes - which is a majority of modern enterprises - need the ability to move data, voice, video and documents from cloud storage to desktops and back with low latency. This will drive employee productivity and enable more efficient workflows in order to generate revenue and deliver high-quality services to clients and customers.

Affecting the bottom line

Ian Massingham, technical evangelist at AWS, told Cloud Pro that Direct Connect saves bandwidth costs in two ways.

"First, by transferring data to and from AWS directly, it reduces bandwidth commitment to the Internet service provider." Massingham said. "Second, all data transferred over the dedicated connection is charged at the reduced AWS Direct Connect data transfer rate rather than Internet data transfer rates."

Amazon Direct Connect has the ability to benefit any businesses bottom line due to its pay-as-you-go policy. Days that experience high data volumes will no longer slow down other business tasks, as the elasticity of bandwidth will mitigate any bottlenecking and latency. When combined with a small local data center, companies are essentially adding and subtracting infrastructure to lead to a cost efficient method of running online services. There are no overages if departments use limits on bandwidth. It will simply expand and contract with employees' needs.

Direct Connect mitigates the need to constantly provision and manage employee workflows and the bandwidth that that requires. IT staff members will not need to spend company time searching for solutions to certain business days or weeks that see an influx of data and processing. This saves costs on salaries, especially overtime.

Amazon Virtual Private Cloud

While Amazon Direct Connect provides the connection between local data centers - or just end-users - and cloud services, these services need to perform adequately and reliably.

Forbes magazine reported that security and compliance are only as good as the system, the infrastructure and applications that support it, all of which need to be designed by IT staff members. The Amazon VPC supplies all of that infrastructure and security necessary and IT managers gain control of the virtual network environment, such as setting up IP address ranges and creating subnets.

Building a secure local cloud will require highly skilled IT staff members that are trained in specifically generating strong defense systems, the magazine reported. Additionally, employees will need to effectively manage access and implement frequently tested responses to threats. AWS has support and staff dedicated to keeping hosted information secure for cyberthreats, and businesses also do not need to worry about data loss from disasters involving nature or human errors.

Reducing reliance on hardware and staff

Many business leaders rely on chief information officers or IT managers to communicate their departments' needs. Without knowledge of hardware, servers and resources, companies could end up paying far too much to provide employees with simple applications and customers with easy-to-use interfaces. A virtual cloud will allow C-level staff members or IT managers to identify where infrastructure resources need to be allocated with a single application and user interface.

Furthermore, many companies only complete data analysis protocols on a weekly or monthly basis. Why invest in infrastructure that is used infrequently? Amazon VPC and Direct Connect will ensure that overhead costs stay low and revenue is only spent on essential services. Additional bandwidth and computational resources will be easily provisioned as business tasks need to be completed and as soon as processes are finished, the resources can be sent to another application or not used. This will earn revenue through efficiency and ensure that costs associated with everything from electricity to staff members is kept at a minimum.