Think Cloud Security Costs More? Think Again.

You can save at least 50%1 when you connect your network to your cloud service via a direct MPLS connection compared to the cost of using the unsecured, public Internet to access your cloud provider.

You might expect to pay more for a secured high speed, direct and dedicated connection to the leading cloud service
providers, but it actually COSTS LESS.

How is this possible?

Your cloud provider’s data transfer charges decrease significantly when you connect your network directly to your cloud,
anywhere between 67% and 78%. Not only do you save money, you also benefit from superior secured data throughput
when compared to a public Internet connection.

LIMITED TIME ONLY: Add another layer of protection and save 45% on XO Hosted Security2

Designed to help businesses simplify and secure moving to the cloud, this limited-time offer represents an exceptional opportunity to layer additional security onto your critical cloud-based operations.

XO's Hosted Security is a managed security service fully integrated with the XO MPLS IP-VPN offering to create an end-to-end networking and managed security solution.

A next-gen firewall comes standard, built upon the industry’s top ranked Unified Threat Management (UTM) Platform.

With XO, you can save while also improving network security and performance by combining an AWS Direct Connect or Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute connection using MPLS IP-VPN with XO Hosted Security.

1Based on average use of 200,000 GB data transferred over a 1 Gbps direct MPLS connection to AWS.
2XO’s Hosted Security Bundle offer coupled with AWS Direct Connect and/or Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute is valid through October 31, 2016. Offer may not be available in all areas. Available with a new or extended contract term of three years or more for customers purchasing XO MPLS IP-VPN and Hosted Security. Early Termination Liabilities (ETLs) and other conditions, limitations and exclusions may apply. XOreserves the right to cancel or amend this promotion at any time. AWS Direct Connect service and/or Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute service must be purchased independently from AWS and/or Microsoft Azure.

Act Now – This is a Limited-Time Offer!

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