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XO is part of the Amazon Web Services® (AWS) Partner Network. Get the performance, visibility and security you need to power your access to AWS at all Direct Connect locations in North America with XO’s high-speed connectivity options.

With Bandwidth-on-Demand, you commit to a minimal amount of bandwidth needed on an average monthly basis. Should your network usage ever rise above the committed level, the XO network connection will automatically expand to accommodate the extra traffic.

Broadband Internet is an excellent add-on to your existing network services, offering both lower cost Internet access connections as well as network redundancy in support of disaster recovery and business continuity plans.

XO Cloud Backup is a managed service that offers off-site data storage and backup services. It is an ideal solution for disaster recovery and advanced data protection.  

Traditional premises-based call centers can be expensive and cumbersome. XO Contact Center Service helps you provide exceptional service at a fraction of the cost, without the management headaches.

Through DS-1; DS-3, and a multitude of Ethernet Services options up to 100G, Wholesale DIA provides both local loop and Internet access to your end users over the XO multi-terabit backbone network

Use a single interconnection to manage data traffic among branch locations and a central location or data center.

Domestic and international carriers can use a single connection to plug into the XO nationwide network, then fan out lower bandwidth connections in a point-to-multipoint configuration that includes locations across the United States.

Ethernet Private Line enables you to quickly and securely transport time-sensitive information among locations or converge multiple types of high-bandwidth traffic on a single connection without interruptions.

Wholesale Private Line lets you transport your customers’ private and business-critical information across your network—whether coast-to-coast or across town.

Hosted PBX from XO has all of the benefits you need to easily and confidently deliver high-quality voice.

XO integrates fully managed Security-as-a-Service with your XO data network service—so you can easily centralize network security controls and policies.

XO integrates fully managed Security-as-a-Service with your XO data network service—so you can easily centralize network security controls and policies.

Intelligent Call Routing (ICR), hosted on the XO network, routes calls to specific locations based on information provided by the network, a caller or a customer.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) empowers your customers to service their own inquiries by using a telephone keypad or speech recognition commands to follow voice prompts or connect to a qualified agent.

IP Flex gives you a simple bundle of business communications services that includes local and long distance voice, Internet, and a variety of popular calling features.

IP Transit service from XO gives enterprises a direct connection to one of the largest and most connected IP networks in the world, delivering a superior Internet experience for your customers.

With Wholesale High Speed IP Transit from XO, you benefit from the enhanced reach and reliability of the XO network to give your customers 24/7 Internet access for bandwidth-intensive traffic at the highest level of performance.

XO ISDN PRI is an all-digital communications and networking solution that provides high-speed access to the XO nationwide network. 

XO Local Voice offerings include a range of feature packages such as Basic Business Lines, ISDN, Voice Messaging, National Directory Assistance and Operator Services.

Our MPLS IP-VPN service provides an application-aware, private Wide Area Network (WAN) that securely connects all of your enterprise locations

XO's Wholesale MPLS IP-VPN service is an application-aware, network-based wide area networking (WAN) solution for IP data transport between multiple locations that maximizes application performance—including VoIP, video and point-of-sale business applications and services.

Award-winning SIP Services from XO uses your existing IP-PBX phone system to bring voice, data and Internet together over one IP network connection. 

Site Security solutions from XO provide premises-based firewall and point-to-point Virtual Private Network (VPN) services, as well as secure remote access from any public IP connection.

Add domestic Toll-Free Numbers to your XO Voice service for an easy way to connect. Available with most XO Voice Services.

Ethernet VPLS creates a high-speed, extremely reliable and very secure Wide Area Network to deliver high-bandwidth applications.

Built upon MPLS-based core architecture, XO's Wholesale Virtual Private LAN Service (VPLS) facilitates a virtual LAN environment where all interconnected LANs appear to the customer as a single, bridged LAN.

Wavelength Services from XO provide a reliable, secure, high-capacity networking solution ideal for businesses that rely on bandwidth-intensive applications.

Using Dense Wave Division Multiplexing (DWDM) technology, Wholesale Wavelength services provide you with an easy-to-deploy, fully managed, point-to-point networking solution without having to install additional fiber.

Wireless backup helps protect your business revenues, productivity, customer satisfaction and business reputation.

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