Become an IT Superhero with Unified Communications

The term Unified Communications, often shortened to UC, has become a hot term in telecom circles, and you may wondering what all the fuss is about. As with any new tech trend, many of us are skeptical about what it really does, and what value it could legitimately add to our work or business. After all, you and your colleagues have probably been communicating just fine for years, so what's the “unify” value-add? 

UC is more than a buzzword.

At its core, UC blends all of your company's channels of communication, from voice to chat to email, so that your teams have access to all the information they need whenever and wherever they need it.

When you're the lead for this boon to convenience and productivity, you’ve earned your stripes as IT superhero. 

Become an IT Superhero


Here is what that kind of advanced technology can do for your business:

  1. Save time. With UC there is no more scrambling between applications looking for one piece of information; it’s all at your fingertips. You can access your voicemail from your phone, your instant messages from a variety of platforms, and much more. You cut down on wasted time looking for documents. You also save time by reaching people on the first try.
  2. Save money. By eliminating time-wasting communication tools, you drive productivity and get the most out of your communications investments. With UC, legacy standalone systems and dedicated PRI links, for example, become extraneous and can be jettisoned for cost savings. 
  3. Create a better customer experience. UC provides an integrated platform and common environment for business and collaboration applications. Employees can work more efficiently and independently because they can use UC-based tools at the same time as groups or on their own. Because UC is largely device-and-OS agnostic, employees also can access the platform any approved way they like. 
  4. Create greater flexibility. UC is ideal for mobile workers or telecommuters who need to communicate effectively but don’t produce their best results behind a desk. Cloud-based UC enables flexibility for geographically diverse and distributed teams. This is often far more than a convenience for businesses. With UC, corporations ranging from large enterprises with worldwide employees to small businesses with a few fleets can tap wider staffing pools for far broader geographic, work-shift and time-zone coverage. 

If your business is ready to take the next step to a nimble and productivity-boosting UC solution, you need a system that helps make you more profitable and competitive. Learn more about Unified Communications from XO to start reaping the benefits of UC today.