User Guides for Website Developers and Managers

The following user guides relate to specific features that website developers and managers may use within the Control Panel Master Administrative Portal (in addition to the setup guides already shown on this support page). 

Joomla™ Installer User Guide
Use this advanced, open-source Content Management System (CMS) to build your website and online applications. 

Disc Usage User Guide
Use this tool to check your available vs. used disc space use, bandwidth, and mailboxes as well as to view web statistics reports about these metrics.

Secure Shell (SSH) User Guide
Enable SSH network protocol for secure digital certificate authentication, and secure data communication using encryption.  

SSL Manager
Set up security for your website so that your customers can safely enter personal information, process web forms, and online payments using encrypted sessions between your company website and your customers’ web browsers. 

Website Security
Set up an authorization list to restrict your employees’ access to specific website directories and content.

Microsoft® Windows® Services Manager 
Use this tool if you already have an SSL certificate installed, and also want to enable security through Microsoft Windows Active Server Page (ASP).

Microsoft SQL® Manager
If you already know relational databases and SQL, use this tool to manage imports and exports for your existing Microsoft SQL server databases. 

My SQL Manager 
If you already know relational databases and SQL, use this tool to create and manipulate up to two My SQL databases. 

Turn to this open-source application to manage MySQL 4.1 and 5.0 databases, and to modify phpMyAdmin so that it functions without errors on a shared hosting platform. 

Manage DSN Records
Use Data Source Names (DSN) to create Microsoft SQL®, MySQL, or Microsoft® Access® Data Source Names after loading the Microsoft Access file to your server. 

Log Manager
View, date, delete, print, download, or disable raw activity logs about your website’s activity and traffic—and use downloaded server log activity with other Search Engine Optimization (SEO) statistics software.

Custom Error Page 
Define or modify active Custom Error Pages that display broken links or page errors.