User Guides for Website Designers

EasySite Wizard Pro
Beginner or intermediate website designers can use this tool to create a website, using templates and royalty-free image libraries and without the need for additional design software. 

Advanced Template Manager
Advanced website designers can use this tool to create highly custom templates that can be edited by professional design software such as Adobe® Photoshop®, Macromedia Flash MX® or Macromedia Dreamweaver MX®. 

Photo Album
Use this feature to quickly create, update and publish one or more photo albums to share with co-workers. The application has easy-to-use photo editing tools to enhance picture cropping, sizing, and quality. 

Microsoft® FrontPage® Manager
Use this feature if you want to use Microsoft FrontPage software to develop your website, and to help install, uninstall, unlock your extensions or change the password when coordinating with Microsoft FrontPage.

Mobile Websites
Create and test mobile versions of your websites or applications that can be accessed from any mobile device operating system or interface. Create custom application icons, load screens, and more to enhance your customers’ experience with your brand.

Install open-source WordPress software in your website directory to create a WordPress blog, or to automatically redirect customers who visit your website to your company’s WordPress blog.