Business Telecom Services – Tampa, FL - VoIP, Hosted PBX, SIP

Regardless of the industry your business falls within, your business activities and clients or customers require you to have a network that is dependable and resistant to Internet-based threats. Achieve this with XO Communications.

XO Offers a Variety of Services to Tampa Companies

XO provides numerous communications and networking services to companies in and around Tampa. These services utilize our award-winning nationwide network.

Voice and Data in One Package

At XO Communications, we make it easy to bundle your voice and data services together in one convenient package. You get our dependable services on a scalable level to fit your needs. See what's so great about our voice and data packages.

Cloud-Based Services

The cloud can give you flexibility to access from anywhere.

Business-Level Dedicated Internet

You can keep up with the speed and data demands your business requires with XO Communication's dedicated port. Our business Internet service uses our national network, providing you with bandwidths up to 100 Gbps. See what's so great about our dedicated Internet for businesses. 

Connections Between Branches

Our Ethernet services make it easy for you to share information between your company's satellite locations. Use our Ethernet for managed applications, data and information Internet. See what's so great about our business Ethernet services.

Management Solutions for Business Networks

Our MPLS and VPLS Services help your business simplify your network management, creating benefits like faster use and lower costs. Your end users are sure to be happy about that. See what's so great about our management solutions for networks.

Industry-Specific Services

We can tailor our various services to fit your industry. Our services work with and benefit every type of industry, from health care and legal to retail and entertainment. See what's so great about our services for your industry.

Top-Notch Solutions for Your Company

XO Communications can offer your Tampa business maximum coverage at top speeds and with scalable options. We will fulfill the needs of your business with cutting-edge networking and IP plans. That's why we know we're right for your business. See why we're the right network fit for your company.

How Do We Offer Such Great Service?

We are able to offer high speeds and steady service with the setup of our network. We have intercity fiber facilities that have the support of peering interconnections and core routing platforms. For security, there is no single failure point apart from the access port of the customer, and we can quickly and easily solve problems since the connections are across our own facilities.

With our design, we are able to give superior safety and throughput for Internet and Voice over IP. Contact us if you want to know more and we will be happy to discuss our network with you.