Portland's Preferred Telecom Provider

XO Communication’s Services for Portland

If you have a business, you need your network to be safe and dependable. When you work with XO Communications, your Portland, OR company can rely on that. We have an award-winning and wholly owned network with a nationwide reach that will always give you the service you need. 

If your Portland company needs an upgrade to your networking and communications, rely on the consistent XO network. We offer a multitude of services to improve your business, including the following:

Bundle with IP Voice and Data

Put your IP voice and data services together into one simple bundle. We don’t want to make the process more difficult for you; instead, we streamline the process so bundling is easy and beneficial to you. We also offer scalable services so you can create just the right package that your business needs. Discover more about our voice and data packages.

Cloud Solution Services

XO Communications has numerous cloud services to help your business handle your data in a safe and efficient way. We have cloud-based solutions for IT infrastructure, security, hosted PBX and backup. Services based in the cloud can help your company have more flexibility and control with your data, allowing access to it from any device and any location. Discover more about our cloud-based services.

Business-Level Internet Service

XO has a dedicated port we use to offer companies business-level Internet service through our nationwide network. We offer an array of choices for your Portland company for data, speed and bandwidth up to 100 Gbps. Discover more about our business Internet service.

Ethernet Services for Business

Our XO Ethernet Services gives companies the ability to easily provide Internet access and to share apps and data among the different branches of the company. Discover more about our Ethernet services.

MPLS and VPLS Service

Our MPLS and VPLS services will improve the speeds of your company’s network and help you keep your costs down. Discover more about our MPLS and VPLS Services.

Fitting Your Business and Industry

XO Communications can handle the needs of many different businesses across various industries. We achieve this through a wide range of services that we can customize to work for you. Discover how XO can customize to fit your business and industry.

A Perfect Partnership

XO can be the perfect partner for your business with our safe nationwide network and wireless capacity. We can provide your company with scalability, excellent coverage and the performance you require in the business world. Discover how XO will be your company’s perfect partner.

Learn More About Our Network

At XO Communications, we have an advanced IP network and several 10 Gigabit (Gbps) circuits. We offer you scalability with our services and evolving advanced IP services. Our network is secure with no single IP point of failure and our capacity to thwart problems. If you want to know more about our network, feel free to call or contact us through our website.