Dedicated Internet, Hosted PBX, SIP in Pittsburgh, PA

Dependable Telecommunications Services for Pittsburgh Companies

Your Pittsburgh business needs a reliable, trustworthy network for everyday business activities and communications — and that’s exactly what you’ll find with XO Communications. Backed by a proven track record in the industry and a reputation as one of the top providers of business VoIP services in the U.S., we are the company you can trust with your business networking needs.

XO Communications provides a wide range of networking and communications services to clients throughout the Pittsburgh area. Thanks to our award-winning nationwide network, these services help your company succeed. Our most popular services in Pittsburgh include:

Voice and Data Services

When you want a scalable, dependable way to integrate all of your data and voice communications, XO is here to help. Our Voice & Data Services are specially designed to give all the benefits of unified communications with none of the common setup headaches. Find out more about XO IP Voice & Data Services.

Cloud-Based Services

Streamline operations and boost business security by taking advantage of cloud-based services from XO. Cloud security services allow us to protect your business information from unauthorized access, without a huge additional investment. Find out more about our Cloud Security Services.

Dedicated Internet

The beauty of Dedicated Internet Access is that you and your customers enjoy business-grade Internet access that makes getting online fast and convenient. What’s more, because our business Internet services are fully scalable, they can grow with your company over time. Find out more about XO Dedicated Internet Access.

Exceptional Network Solutions

XO offers MPLS and VPLS Services that give your business locations a secure network solution. By simplifying your network management, we help you improve speed and lower costs. Find out more about XO's MPLS & VPLS Services.

Networking and Communications Services for Pittsburgh Businesses

Come see for yourself why so many Pittsburgh companies are turning to XO Communications for their networking and communications needs! Our history of helping businesses of diverse sizes and industries improve operations is exactly why we’re the top provider of business VoIP services in the nation today. View our full list of Solutions. 

The Right Network for Your Business

With XO Communications, your company can finally enjoy maximum coverage, fast speeds and fully scalable options. Talk to us about our networking and IP plans and find out why we’re the right fit for you! See why we're the communications company that's right for your business.

Want to know more about our network coverage?

We’re able to offer such superior speeds and coverage because of our IP network, a mesh of multiple 10-gigabit (Gbps) circuits that connect XO network nodes, peering POPs and XO data centers throughout the nation. Through an advanced IP design that means scalability for companies, end-to-end market connections that mean the ability to resolve any problems and a network with high levels of protection, we offer unparalleled services to Pittsburgh clients like you.