Dedicated Telecom Services in Philadelphia: VoIP, Hosted PBX, SIP

The XO Service Portfolio: Philadelphia

Every type of business and industry needs to have a safe and dependable network. Your Philadelphia business can reach this goal by working with XO Communications and our wholly owned network that extends across the nation.

Philadelphia Service Options from XO

Philadelphia area companies can take advantage of an array of services for networking and communications. These services have the backing of our award-winning network.

A Service Bundle

XO allows your business to integrate your voice and data into one bundle. Our options are scalable so you can choose what you need. We know that combining the two can be complicated, but we strive to simplify it. Click for more information on our voice and data package.

Utilize the Cloud

The cloud gives you flexibility to work wherever you are and makes it easier to manage your business. We offer services for IT infrastructure and hosted PBX, as well as solutions for security.

Internet for Business

XO Communications provides dedicated Internet service for businesses. This is delivered over our top-notch nationwide network, so you'll have our safe and reliable Internet for your business. It meets your increased needs for data and speed, with bandwidths of up to 100 Gbps. Click for more information on our dedicated Internet access.

Internet Across Your Branches

If your business includes numerous branches, our Ethernet service is for you. It allows you to share Internet, data and applications easily across your branches. Click for more information on our Ethernet services.

Network Management Solutions

At XO Communications, we offer MPLS and VPLS services to help your business with increased speeds, reduced costs and other benefits. Click for more information on our network management solutions.

High-Level Services to Fit Your Industry

XO Communications offers top-notch networking and communications services that can benefit any kind of business in the Philadelphia area. We can customize our service to fit your industry, no matter what it is. Click for more information on how our services can fit your fit your industry.

Our Network is the Right Match for Your Company

We're confident that XO Communications is the right fit for your business. That's because we will give your company top-of-the-industry IP and networking services. We always offer the high speeds, security, coverage and scalability you'll need with our superior network. Click for more information on why we're the right fit.

Want to Know More About Our Award-Winning Network?

We have a network with excellent throughput, security and speeds. It works with nationwide data centers, 10 Gigabit circuits, network nodes and peering POPs so we can offer the best Internet and voice services. With our connections running across our own facilities, we can fix problems that arise quickly. Plus, beyond the customer's access port, there is no single IP point of failure. Want to know more? Feel free to contact us for more information.