Miami's Choice for Integrated Communications Services

The XO Service Portfolio: Miami

As the nation's top provider of business VoIP services, your Miami business can count on XO Communications to help you identify and overcome communications and network challenges. Whether your organization is considering a move to the cloud, or you're simply looking for a better way to rein in growing data and voice communication costs, XO can help customize a scalable, secure solution for your business. 

XO offers a wide variety of networking and communications services, all built on the foundation of our privately-owned IP network. The most-requested services in Miami include:

Cloud-Based Solutions

Control operating costs and keep capital investments down while streamlining communications and network structure. XO's cloud-based solutions let you select just the cloud services you need to meet your company's needs today and in the future. Learn more about our cloud-based solutions.

Dedicated Internet Access

Tired of sharing your business class bandwidth with other customers—and the headaches, downtime and delays that come along with it? Choose Dedicated Internet Access from XO for guaranteed bandwidth and true business-grade service, delivered over our award winning Tier 1 network. Learn more about our Dedicated Internet Services.

MPLS & VPLS Services

Avoid security risks and decrease costs with XO's industry leading IP-VPN. By capitalizing on the latest MPLS technology you can experience streamlined network management and faster application deployment. Learn more about our MPLS & VPLS Services.

Ethernet Services

Simplify and extend your network across business locations with flexible, reliable, cost-effective Ethernet Services from XO Communications. Learn more about our Ethernet Services.

IP Voice and Data

Combine voice, data and internet services on your own private network—and extend the service across your enterprise to multiple locations. Learn more about our IP Voice & Data Services.

Explore the Full Scope of XO's Services

We've helped businesses in the Miami area to create, deploy and maintain communications solutions that fit their businesses today, and are scalable enough to grow with them into the future. XO Communications has a proven track record of overcoming the toughest communications issues. See the full list of XO Communications Services.

The Right Network for Your Business

Better solutions demand door-to-door delivery of communications traffic at the fastest speeds available. With XO, you’ll have leading IP and networking solutions delivered over our own private, award winning nationwide network to all your locations. Our unique combination of nationwide IP and transport networks, metro networks and fixed wireless capabilities allows us to provide maximum coverage, performance and scalability. Learn more about why we have The Right Network for your business.