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The XO Service Portfolio: Memphis

If you’re looking for a networking and communications provider with proven performance and a stellar track record of serving businesses of all sizes, look no further than XO Communications.  With locations here in Memphis and across the nation, we’re able to help you address and overcome any communications or networking challenges you face.  As the number one business VoIP provider in the United States, we have real world experience in designing and implementing integrated communications solutions that keep businesses running smoothly.

At XO, we own our own nationwide IP network—and that network is the backbone of each and every service that we provide. XO provides a comprehensive list of networking and communications services; in Memphis, the services we’re most often asked about include:  

Cloud-Based Solutions

Businesses of all sizes are moving to the cloud—and for good reason—it’s an affordable, secure way to access the services you need to stay competitive, while mitigating risks and reducing costs.  XO’s Cloud-Based solutions offer an agile approach to business, at a reasonable cost. Learn more about our Cloud-Based Solutions.

IP Voice & Data Services

Are scalability issues plaguing your current voice & data set up?  With XO’s Voice & Data services you can simplify management and sidestep scalability hassles.  Discover integrated voice & data with XO’s VoIP service offerings, and enjoy a streamlined communications solution that easily scales with your business. Learn more about our Voice & Data Services.

Ethernet Services

Simplify and extend your network across business locations with flexible, reliable, cost-effective Ethernet Services from XO Communications. Learn more about our Ethernet Services.

Dedicated Internet Access

If your business demands high-speed Internet that is never shared among customers, take a closer look at XO’s Business Internet services.  Our Business Internet offerings are always private—never shared—and provide guaranteed bandwidth levels. Learn more about our Business Internet Services.

MPLS & VPLS Services

Get secure, private networking communications that let you confidently connect with your locations across town or around the globe. Learn more about our MPLS & VPLS Services.

Memphis' Top Choice for Networking Services

XO has developed customized communications and networking solutions for businesses of all sizes across the nation—and we have the experience necessary to help your Memphis-based business. Whether you’re looking for an integrated voice and data solution, are exploring the potential of the cloud, or are simply interested in getting the guaranteed bandwidth that comes with true business grade Internet, get in touch.

The Right Network for Your Business

Better solutions demand door-to-door delivery of communications traffic at the fastest speeds available. With XO, you’ll have leading IP and networking solutions delivered over our own private, award winning nationwide network to all your locations. Our unique combination of nationwide IP and transport networks, metro networks and fixed wireless capabilities allows us to provide maximum coverage, performance and scalability. Learn more about why we have The Right Network for your business.