A Smart Bet for Las Vegas Businesses

The XO Service Portfolio: Las Vegas

If there’s one thing you don’t want to gamble on, it’s your business network—and you don’t have to with secure, always-on networking solutions from XO Communications.  In Las Vegas and across the nation, businesses just like yours count on XO’s wholly owned nationwide network to provide the secure communications solutions they need. We’re the number one provider of business VoIP services in the United States, and for good reason—we’ve got the experience necessary to deliver secure, customizable communications solutions to today’s businesses. 

Serving as the foundation for every service that XO Communications provides is our nationwide network—a secure, award-winning network that powers the networks of businesses across the country.  We are proud to offer a number of different networking and communications services in Las Vegas, including: 

Cloud-Based Solutions

Simplify the delivery and management of your services to your employees, corporate partners, and customers with XO's adaptable and stable cloud-based solutions. We can help your business be more agile and help you save money to invest back in your business. Learn more about our Cloud-Based Solutions.

MPLS and VPLS Services

Get secure, private networking communications that let you confidently connect with your locations across town or around the globe. Learn more about our MPLS and VPLS Services.

Ethernet Services

With one of the largest Ethernet footprints in the nation, XO gives you the power to provide high-speed Internet access, VoIP and MPLS IP-VPN services to locations across your enterprise with flexible, scalable Ethernet Services—while benefitting from Ethernet’s cost advantage. Learn more about our Ethernet Services.

IP Voice & Data Services

Integrating your voice and data communications can oftentimes be tedious, but with XO’s Voice & Data Services bundle, you can count on smooth sailing.  Our highly scalable, highly reliable communications solution can help you enjoy all of the benefits of integrated voice and data communications, while helping you avoid any integration headaches.  Learn more about our Voice & Data Services.

Dedicated Internet Access

XO’s Business Internet services are ideal for businesses of all sizes, from small businesses with a single location to enterprise organizations with multiple offices.  Enjoy true business grade Internet access on a completely private connection that is never shared with other customers.  Learn more about our Business Internet Services.

XO's Enterprise Services Go Above and Beyond

If you’re looking for a proven provider of networking and communications services, look no further than XO Communications.  We’re known for delivering high-performance communications and networking services to businesses from coast-to-coast, and everywhere in between, and we’d be delighted to deliver our award-winning solutions to your Las Vegas business.

The Right Network for Your Business

Better solutions demand door-to-door delivery of communications traffic at the fastest speeds available. With XO, you’ll have leading IP and networking solutions delivered over our own private, award winning nationwide network to all your locations. Our unique combination of nationwide IP and transport networks, metro networks and fixed wireless capabilities allows us to provide maximum coverage, performance and scalability. Learn more about why we have The Right Network for your business.