Cleveland’s Preferred Telecom Provider

Every business needs to have a network that is safe and consistent. With our wholly owned nationwide network, XO Communications will help your Cleveland, OH business have a network you can depend on.

XO’s Cleveland Services

XO Communications can enhance your Cleveland company’s networking and communications with our variety of services that go with our reliable network. Our services include:

IP Voice and Data Together

At XO Communications, we offer voice and data services together in one convenient package. Our goal is to make the bundling process an easy one instead of the hassle that some companies create. We strive to make it effective to use both of our services together. Plus, we allow you to customize your plan to fit your needs based on scalable options.

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Services in the Cloud

We know that cloud services have become an increasingly important tool for the business world. Utilizing the cloud allows you flexibility since anyone in your company can access important documents and information from anywhere and across devices. It also helps you store and manage your data to streamline your business processes. Count on XO Communications for a variety of cloud-based services, including backup, hosted PBX, IT infrastructure and security solutions.

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Internet Service Just for Business

XO has a dedicated port to give businesses the level of Internet service they need from our nationwide network. You can choose from different options to fit your Cleveland company’s needs, from speed, data and bandwidth up to 100 Gbps.

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Business Ethernet Services

Our Ethernet services are perfect for businesses with more than one location. These services allow you to share Internet, data and applications between the different parts of your company.

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MPLS and VPLS Services

At XO, we have MPLS and VPLS services that can help your business boost network speeds and reduce costs.

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Customized Services

When you work with XO Communications, you can expect a customized experience. We will help you create a plan to fit your business and industry needs based on our wide range of offerings and plans.

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Fulfilling  the Needs of Your Business

We work to fulfill the requirements of your business at XO Communications. Your company can expect security, high-caliber coverage and scalable options from our superior nationwide network and our wireless capabilities.

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