Austin’s Choice for Business Telecommunications

Whether you’re looking for enterprise cloud solutions for the expanding data storage and backup demands of your growing business, comprehensive network solutions for business-grade bandwidth and connectivity, or a partner that provides SIP and MPLS services for your enterprise-level business, XO Communications can provide all of these and more in Austin, Texas.

XO Communications is one of the country’s largest communications service providers, and we’re right here in Austin.

The XO Service Portfolio: Austin

XO offers a wide variety of telecommunications services to enterprise-level businesses in Austin, Texas. All of our solutions are built on the foundation of our private, secure IP network, and they include:

Enterprise Cloud

Performance, network security, availability, compliance and scalability are all driving aspects of XO’s enterprise-grade cloud offerings. With XO Enterprise Cloud, you benefit from unparalleled levels of performance in any environment, from testing and development to high input and output operations (IOPS). Our cloud computing solutions are an extension of your private network, and allow you to efficiently build your own private cloud environment. Learn more

Dedicated Internet

XO Dedicated Internet Access gives you a dedicated port for true business-grade connectivity over our network. Options for Dedicated Internet range from 1.5 Mbps to 100 Gbps, meeting your ideal needs in terms of speed, data and bandwidth. Learn more

SIP Services

XO’s SIP services help you reduce costs, simplify management and enjoy the productivity benefits VoIP has to offer. From SIP Trunking for unified data, voice and Internet communications over your IP connection, to Enterprise SIP for businesses with multiple locations and high bandwidth requirements, XO Communications’ SIP services maximize the value of your IT and network investments. Learn more

Ethernet Services

Simplify and extend your network to multiple business locations with cost-effective, reliable and flexible services. XO Communications has one of the largest Ethernet footprints in the nation, giving you access to high-speed Internet, VoIP and MPLS IP-VPN services. Connect business locations with our Ethernet Hub service while maintaining a centralized point of management for streamlined operations. Our Ethernet Private Line also provides a solution for private data networking needs, as well as international data transfer. Learn more

MPLS Services

XO Communications’ MPLS services allow you to lower your costs and enjoy easier network management. By increasing your speed and improving the end user experience, deploying XO’s secure MPLS solutions across multiple sites with our MPLS-enabled Wide Area Network (WAN) solution gives you superior network performance. Learn more

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The Right Network for Your Business

Better solutions demand door-to-door delivery of communications traffic at the fastest speeds available. With XO, you’ll have leading IP and networking solutions delivered over our own private, award winning nationwide network to all your locations. Our unique combination of nationwide IP and transport networks, metro networks and fixed wireless capabilities allows us to provide maximum coverage, performance and scalability.

Learn more about why we have The Right Network for your business.