February 13, 2012

What’s Stopping You from Reaching SIP Trunk Nirvana?

I’ve seen tremendous growth in SIP trunk adoption over the past few years and it’s no wonder. Everyone wants to take advantage of the huge cost savings and productivity benefits.

But getting to SIP nirvana is a challenge.

It’s no secret that SIP implementations can be a headache, even for the most IP-savvy IT managers. I’ve been involved in enough SIP trunk installs to know what NOT to do. And I’ve seen how successful SIP trunk implementations depend on a few crucial factors. I’ll be sharing the inside scoop with enterprises on Wednesday, February 15th at 2pm EST in a webinar presented by TMCnet titled SIP Trunk Implementation: Key Steps to Ensuring Interoperability. Some of the things I’ll be covering in the webinar are:

  • Best practices for a headache-free SIP Trunk implementation
  • How to avoid interoperability snares and pitfalls
  • 8 steps to ensure a smooth implementation

I’ll be taking questions, so please bring along your most perplexing SIP trunk implementation quandaries to the live webinar. Be sure to stop by The Pulse again after the event—we’ll be continuing the SIP interoperability discussion right here in the comment section below.

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