January 8, 2015

Send Unified Communications Resources to the Cloud to Maximize Value

The cloud offers a haven of simplicity and power for a converged UC deployment.

Communications tools, whether they be physical, digital or somewhere in between, are core drivers of collaboration and productivity in the enterprise environment today. Regardless of the industry in question, organizations need to deliver intuitive, high-powered communication resources to end users across departments to ensure the smooth and seamless flow of information, ideas and innovations throughout the workforce. While unified communications solutions are already a go-to method for supporting multiple channels, the cloud will bring a new era of efficiency and efficacy for these suites.

Market momentum

With IT departments stepping into a service- and support-oriented role and the consumer-centric direction of end user behavior in the enterprise environment, it isn’t surprising to see tech leaders consolidating their communications tools into a converged solution. The cloud, however, is making the centralization of apps and features more compelling than ever before, as reflected in a recent Global Unified Communications Market 2015-2019 report. The study showed that hosted unified communications (UC) deployments are leading the way in a predicted 14 percent market CAGR over the next five years.

“Switching UC from a capital to operational expense model is top of mind for IT leaders.”

Cloud-based UC suites not only simplify the implementation and adoption of these critical tools, but they also offer the chance for enterprise leaders to switch from a capital to an operational expense footprint for their supporting infrastructure – a top-of-mind move in an unpredictable business world. The Global Unified UC study showed that every component now has a cloud counterpart available for migration, from video conferencing, telephony and instant messaging to mobile device management, presence and email offerings. 

Delivery simplified

An even more agile and streamlined UC model is taking off in the form of the popular as-a-service software delivery method, which is gaining even greater momentum in the enterprise landscape. Wainhouse Research’s report 2014 Worldwide UCaaS Service Market Sizing and 5-year Forecast estimated a 24 percent CAGR for this niche, proving that companies truly have their eyes on the cloud when it comes to supporting their UC goals.

“Putting unified communications in the cloud makes great economic sense: The infrastructure is there, the support mechanisms are in the place, the training program is ready,” explained Bill Haskins, Wainhouse Research Senior Analyst and Partner. “Plus, fewer IT and purchasing resources are required to manage it.”

Building a next-generation communications network should be a primary objective for any enterprise operation, and the cloud offers a haven of simplicity and power for a converged UC deployment.

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