November 24, 2014

Quick Scalability Enhanced With Bandwidth On Demand (BoD)

BoD ensures that an enterprise network infrastructure is up to the challenges of the burstable cloud usage, and can return to normal after a rush has passed.

When it comes to IT services, an organization’s network requirements may differ drastically from season to season, day to day or minute to minute. Business demands in the digital age can change on a dime, and while some traffic spikes can show patterns in frequency and capacity, many of these fluctuations are unpredictable. With dedicated cloud connections becoming a more central part of the corporate IT environment, bandwidth missteps can be a major burden on internal teams – these network assets are still a relatively new feature of the tech landscape. For this reason, connectivity must be easily scaled to achieve maximum value.

Scale or prepare to fail

Without a well-calibrated bandwidth allocation, companies run the risk of overshooting their network requirements by leveraging too heavy of a connection, underestimate their needs and end up with a scarcity of resources or wind up in a state of constant readjustment, which is a drain on effort and expertise. To avoid any of these strenuous circumstances, business and IT leaders can turn to a solution such as Direct Connect, an MPLS-enabled network devoted specifically to facilitating strong cloud connections and putting instant scalability at their fingertips. Bandwidth on Demand makes scalable connectivity a reality for IT teams who have long sought this capability.

Some of the highest-pressure situations involve IT departments scrambling to upgrade their network assets on a tight time horizon to meet the demands of end users throughout the enterprise. Before the cloud, this meant rapidly deploying servers and storage units – a challenge for even the most seasoned tech professionals. Nowadays, even off-premise services can take a while to provision without the proper connections. With a service such as BoD, a business can overcome the apprehension surrounding bandwidth allocation, allowing them to pull the trigger on new cloud options and not fret over issues such as inadequate or wasted network resources.

New levels of precision

In addition to peace of mind regarding the availability and efficiency of cloud services, BoD also offers a greater level of control over network connectivity than any other off-premise channel. For example, an accounting firm may know that in the months leading up to April tax deadlines, their networks will be overloaded with applications, data storage and content delivery. BoD ensures that their infrastructure is up to the challenge, and can return to normal after the rush has passed.

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