January 27, 2015

Hybrid Cloud Security Demands Total Network Unity

While more business leaders are accepting hybrid cloud deployments as the optimal choice in data center provisioning, the security challenges that accompany these strategies are still a issue for IT administrators everywhere.

Cloud environments are becoming increasingly diverse in both purpose and scope, requiring that IT leaders piece together complex network architectures to maximize the value of their investments. For a national organization, servers and storage units may be spread across the country, housed in the data centers of satellite offices or kept in co-location facilities that bridge gaps and ensure continuity. Infrastructure development isn’t the only challenge of this highly interconnected era of enterprise IT – cyber security also demands a level of consistency and unity never before seen in the business world.

Hybrid security hazards

While more business leaders are accepting hybrid cloud deployments as the optimal choice in data center provisioning, the security hiccups that accompany these strategies are still a challenge for IT administrators everywhere. A recent eWEEK article noted that protecting data in hybrid settings is a non-intuitive task for even the most experienced tech pros of today, pointing to an AlgoSec study revealing skills shortages and a lack of visibility across enterprise networks.

For example, 80 percent of the 363 IT professionals who responded to the survey said they didn’t have an equal level of insight into their on-premise and cloud deployments. Rectifying this inconsistency should be a top priority for decision-makers who want to minimize the risk of cloud sprawl and the security gaps that follow.

“In the foreseeable future, security will remain a key challenge when organizations are migrating into the cloud. I think the next few years will remain challenging as best practices and best-of-breed solutions have not emerged yet,” ArgoSec marketing VP Nimrod Reichenberg told the source. “Over time, I actually think cloud security will be yet another security discipline that security teams will have to take care of. So while security in general will continue to increase in importance as the threat landscape intensifies, we will not draw a distinction between ‘cloud’ security and ‘regular’ security.”

A network unto itself

There may not be a quick fix to the security woes of hybrid adopters, but network-enabled cloud solutions such as XO’s participation in the AWS Direct Connect program is a significant step in the right direction. By dedicating an express MPLS channel to and from cloud environments, end users within the enterprise can finally achieve the performance, security and reliability they’ve always wanted from their off-premise resources. This approach allows IT leaders to regain control of the cloud and realize consistent value across the board.

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