June 17, 2015

Building Tomorrow’s Network Today

True to his word, FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler is moving forward on an initiative to help secure competition for the future networks. In his blog on Friday, July 10th, the Chairman outlined his plan to smooth the path for technology transitions, which will help spur network investments.

At XO, we know networks, and we know how important this infrastructure is to our customers. Since our inception, XO has invested billions into network advancements that have led to a long list of telecom innovations.

When we reach a new innovation milestone, one of our competitors tries to match us. So we innovate again. This is how competition works. What separates innovators from the rest is the ability to see around the corner. What we see at XO is how IP (Internet Protocol)-enabled services are unifying the way we communicate and pushing our industry into the future.

Gone are the days when you have to manage your work number or your mobile number separately. Or when someone calls one device while you’re trying to communicate on the other. With Unified Communications and the Network Enabled Cloud, all your devices work together. Seamlessly. Answer your business line on your mobile phone? Check. Get your voicemails via email? Check. Access documents in the cloud from your smartphone or computer? Check.

All of these innovations are improving America’s productivity. All of these innovations help businesses of all sizes compete globally. And all of these innovations are available to XO’s customers, over XO’s IP network, whether you work for a Fortune 50 company, or are aspiring to be a Fortune 1000 company.

Competitive Policies Spur Development

To push the creation of these cutting edge communications products, XO continues to extend the reach of our nationwide, high capacity IP network to more locations and more customers. Thanks to our unique use of fiber optics, copper, and microwave spectrum, XO is able to construct a network to provide for all of today’s uses, while building for tomorrow’s needs as well.

But as we are connecting thousands of buildings to our network via fiber, there are still millions of businesses that only can access the Internet using copper-based broadband connections. For some business customers, this option delivers the speeds they need at the price point they expect. We’ve learned this firsthand as a nationwide leader in deploying high speed Ethernet over Copper (EoC) connections to thousands of businesses across America.

For those customers that choose EoC as their broadband connection, it is important that it remain available and reliable. Their access to the 21st Century economy depends on it. As technology transitions occur, businesses must still be able to access the competitive broadband providers that they know and trust. For competition policy to be effective, it must ensure that access to networks continues unfettered. No gate keepers. No archaic access contracts with onerous terms and conditions. We must not lose transparency for the wholesale network marketplace.

These are questions that the FCC is examining and addressing in the Tech Transitions order announced by Chairman Wheeler. For the future of competition to be bright, consumers need action like that proposed by the Chairman to clarify and defend competitive access and the ability for networks to connect together.

Securing The Future

There are opposing forces pulling at the broadband rope with consumers and competition hanging in the balance. One direction – reinforcing competition policy – leads to increased customer choice with more innovation, more availability, and more affordability.

Another direction – that favored by large incumbent carriers –will turn back the clock and entrench the incumbent’s power over consumers, while keeping prices high and reducing innovation. This is the wrong direction for the broadband economy.

The Chairman is clearly choosing the first path, heading in the direction of greater competition and all the benefits it brings for network expansion, new innovations and most importantly for customers – choice.

We applaud Chairman Wheeler on his leadership through the technology transitions, and look forward to working with the entire FCC on a framework that will unleash the power of the innovation economy.

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