November 6, 2012

Avoid the Top 5 “SIP Trunk Gotchas”

SIP trunking is hot. Very hot. According to a survey of North American enterprises this year, one third of them use SIP trunking today and 42% of them plan to use it by 2014.  But you don’t want to get burned rolling it out to your organization without first doing a good amount of research.

The first major issue enterprise IT and network managers face is the fact that service providers offer various flavors (no pun intended) of SIP.  They don’t use consistent terminology, their pricing components never line up exactly, and they don’t have parallel service offerings. All this makes it very difficult to compare apples and oranges and a big challenge to make an intelligent decision about which provider’s solution is best for you.

XO Communications would like to help you cut through the fog and find out about the snags and traps before you start down the path. Be sure to join our Top 5 SIP Trunk Gotchas webinar on Wednesday November 7th, 2:00 pm ET where I’ll be covering the top five SIP trunk “Gotchas”:

  • Scenarios for SIP failover and redundancy—the pros and cons
  • Bursting—understanding what it is and what you get from service providers
  • SIP Trunk price structures—deciphering the components so you can compare apples to oranges
  • E911—making sure it works
  • PBX Interoperability—get it right the first time

I’ll be joined by Jim Allen, a leading SIP consultant, who will walk through real examples of these “gotchas” he’s encountered in SIP Trunk deployments.

SIP Trunking is a solution that can bring you cost savings and network efficiencies. But if you’re thinking about moving to SIP trunks and want to get it right the first time, you’ll want to attend this webinar.

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