December 8, 2014

4 Ways The Cloud Is Revolutionizing Human Resources

Human resources in the digital age is all about responsiveness, meeting the demands of a workforce bringing high expectations to the table. In many ways, HR serves as the internal equivalent of a customer service center or help desk, and with the instant gratification offered by today’s consumer arenas, it’s no surprise that employees are raising the bar for speed and quality when seeking the assistance of these in-house teams. The cloud is therefore the perfect technology for HR in such a fast-paced business environment.

Here are 4 ways off-premises IT is changing the game in HR:

1. Total integration across the infrastructure

HR has a foothold in literally every department of the enterprise, making the dissolution of siloed operations a top priority for decision-makers across industries. A recent Business 2 Community article stressed the importance of a fully integrated IT ecosystem, with HR serving as a critical component alongside the rest of the company’s most important teams. The cloud makes it easier than ever to achieve this interconnectedness, as solutions are designed to bridge these operational gaps.

“An integrated method within a business that brings together public relations, sales, marketing and HR to build together a simultaneous relationship with a social user.”

2. Social media saturates the HR experience

Platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter have long been designated as key channels for HR to accelerate its recruitment efforts and bolster engagement for existing staff members. With a cloud-based infrastructure  supporting the navigation and data collection efforts coordinated in these social environments, HR teams will be able to streamline their initiatives for more consistent and impactful results. From informal employee communications to talent management, cloud will play a key role in the social HR revolution.

3. Upgrades and updates get fast-tracked

Managing an ever-changing ecosystem of employee information, requests and regulations is enough of a burden on the HR department – constant tech maintenance only adds another layer of unnecessary pressure. That’s why the cloud is such a compelling solution to this problem, offering fast, synchronized upgrades across the environment. According to Computer​Weekly, this convenience factor is making a splash in HR departments the world over.

“We have seen emerging markets quit copper wire and go to mobile,” Mike Ettling, global head of cloud and on-premises HR at SAP, told the source. “I see the same trend [in HR technologies], skipping on-premises and doing straight to cloud.”

4. Expand HR’s domain with mobile tools

If HR is to be a full-service shop for all employee needs, it will need to deliver value to all end users within the organization, including those who operate primarily in remote environments. The cloud is already recognized as a powerful mobile enabler, and HR is no exception – off-premises solutions will help the workforce confidently cover new ground while remaining firmly tied to the core of the organization.

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