January 22, 2015

3 Powerful Ways to Maximize UC Investments

Here are three ways that companies can boost the effectiveness of their UC deployments and make the most of these IT investments.

Unified communications is an integral part of the modern enterprise environment, but decision-makers may find themselves falling short of their ROI goals following the implementation of these solutions.

Business leaders must recognize that UC tools won’t deliver endless value on their own – it takes substantial optimization, configuration and strategic adjustment to ensure these solutions make a positive impact across the organization. Here are three ways that companies can boost the effectiveness of their UC deployments and make the most of these IT investments:

  1. Drive end user adoption: One sure-fire way to squeeze more value from UC is to promote crystal-clear best practices for every facet of the strategy. Since employees across the business use VoIP, messaging and video conferencing tools with regularity, clarifying these details can be a powerful catalyst for adoption and productivity.

A recent eWeek article pointed to a report from SoftChoice revealing that 77 percent of employees aren’t education before the rollout of a new tool, and that 58 percent don’t fully understand the tool’s usefulness following deployment. Well-placed training programs can make all the difference in the world of UC.

“Rarely does anyone, or any group, own teaching it to employees or communicating why it helps them be better and more efficient in their jobs,” said Erika Van Noort, director of consulting at Softchoice, told the news source.

  1. Make the move to cloud: According to Telecom Reseller, hosted UC solutions are gaining traction from the SMB segment through the upper echelons of the corporate world. With so many organizations riding the tail-end of their legacy system lifecycles, decision-makers are weighing their options with respect to re-investing in physical appliances such as PBX switches and server components.

The appeal of the cloud becomes increasingly appealing as executives consider its risk-averse advantages, including reduced capital expense, streamlined maintenance and on-the-fly upgrades. Expedited time to market and lowered total cost of operations means more time for education and the promotion of best practices.

  1. Cover more ground: Most UC strategies end at the wall of the office building, but companies can dramatically enrich their deployments by expanding the communications footprint into the remote realm.

A lot of the workforce is scattered and people aren’t in their offices,” Unify channel manager Jayanta Bhattacharya recently told CRN. “Business owners want their employees out on the road and [being productive].”

Companies that bolster their mobile acumen with dedicated device management solutions and remote access policies are at an instant advantage over competitors stuck with static UC.

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