XO Commends FCC Action to End Lock-Up Plans

WASHINGTON – October 16, 2015 — Today, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) signaled its intention to put a stop to the unreasonable terms and conditions in special access plans.  Freeing up the special access market -- which is heavily utilized for broadband service by business customers, schools, libraries, hospitals and government offices -- will encourage additional competition.  

“Special access is critical access for businesses,” said Chris Ancell, CEO of XO Communications.  “Today the FCC took an important step toward increased competition in the business broadband marketplace by addressing burdensome lock-up terms and conditions.  

“Addressing incumbents’ special access lock-up provisions marks a significant move toward leveling the playing field and spurring broadband deployment.  In addition, capping volume commitments will unshackle other providers enabling them to offer more services and choices to customers.  

“The current structure for lock-up plans is a relic of the past. Leveraging their 100-year head start in the marketplace, incumbents have maintained their stranglehold on last-mile broadband connections to businesses.  By charging exorbitant rates for last-mile access, incumbents pressure competitors to accept anticompetitive terms and conditions in exchange for discounts.

“Removing barriers to competition will boost investment, open new markets, unleash innovation and speed technology transitions.”

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