Long Distance Services

  • XO Long Distance Services provide cost-effective in-state, state-to-state, international and toll-free calling for businesses. International or Domestic Toll Free Numbers, Conferencing Services, powerful cost-management options and domestic Toll Free Number features are also available.

    Let XO recommend a custom long distance solution that is right for your business size, locations, coverage needs and calling patterns.

    Choose from a range of domestic calling plans, many of which may be combined with your total XO voice, data and IP solution. With a nationwide network across 75 major U.S. markets, XO Long Distance Services can help your business improve communications, get better control of costs and simplify billing and invoices.

  • Unity Long Distance Plan

    The Unity Long Distance (LD) plan offers the simplicity of a single, per-minute, standard rate for interstate, intrastate, +1 and toll-free calls. The plan requires no minimum commitments, eliminating the management challenge of monthly usage levels.

    XO Corporate Long Distance Plans

    For medium to large, multi-location businesses. All locations contribute to a company-wide, domestic long distance plan-for the best volume discounts and ease of administration

    • Choose a Corporate LD Plan with any XO converged IP service
    • Select from a range of plans with monthly commitment levels
    • Enjoy competitive, flat per minute rates for in-state and state-to-state calls
    • Save more with 6-second initial and 6-second standard billing increments (6/6) for dedicated LD calls
    • Benefit from domestic toll-free traffic included in the plan
    • Centralize long distance billing under one plan
    • Include calls to all U.S. territories

    XO Long Distance Business Plans

    For small to medium businesses. A range of plans with predictable flat, monthly charges for all domestic long distance calling-up to 80,000 minutes of use per month-and no term or monthly volume commitments

    • Choose a LD Business Plan with any XO converged IP service
    • A good choice for businesses that want each location to receive an invoice and manage its own long distance
    • Provides one flat rate for all domestic long distance traffic from a single location
    • Includes in-state, state-to-state and domestic toll free traffic under plan
    • Benefit from domestic toll-free traffic included in the plan
    • Gain 6-second initial and 6-second standard billing increments (6/6) for all Monthly Revenue Commitment plans
    • Includes an Unlimited Business Plan for small businesses with a maximum of 10 lines that uses flat, per minute rates for in-state and state-to-state calls, and 60/60 billing increments
    • Includes calls to all U.S. territories


    Global Calling Plan

    For small to large companies who buy XO services and have an international presence or conduct international business overseas

    • Enjoy competitive rates when you make calls to more than 200 countries worldwide
    • International rates not included in domestic long distance calling plans

    Additional Features
    Value-added options may be purchased to compliment any calling plan, such as:

    Cost Management Packages

    • Custom account codes to help you track long distance calls by project or client to monitor spending at the cost center or department
    • Custom account access codes that your employees use to access the company's long distance network and help you protect against fraudulent use of long distance expenses
    • Call Detail Reports available for all Long Distance Business Plans to help long distance administrators analyze call traffic, trends and activities to maximize efficiencies

    Domestic Toll-Free Numbers
    With domestic toll-free numbers, you can offer your customers an easy way to connect to your customer support, sales offices or other company locations. Or you may use toll-free numbers to connect employees to your company offices, or to check Email, when away from the office. Toll-Free Numbers enhance inbound call management, create new business opportunities by extending graphic boundaries, and enable you to offer toll-free service to callers from the U.S. or from overseas. Many domestic toll-free calling features are available individually or bundled in convenient packages, depending on your needs. Some are free; others are available at nominal monthly charges. See the Domestic Toll-Free Numbers Features data sheet.

    International Toll-Free Numbers
    International Toll-Free Numbers allow you to set up a local presence on an international scale. Support international customers and employees without the added expense of setting up local offices. International Toll-Free numbers also allow you to support your employees with toll-free access to your offices, network and voice mail. Available in International Toll Free Number (ITFN) and Universal International Freephone Number (UIFN) formats.