• Stay Ahead With an Intelligent Network

    Today’s networks must be more powerful and smarter to keep up with the new world of IT. Cloud Computing, Big Data, Mobility and Unified Communications are pushing networks to the breaking point, requiring more bandwidth, scalability, reliability, and security. In addition to these new technologies, IT and network managers still have to manage the business and financial side of the network, ensuring it is as efficient as possible, while providing seamless access to information and supporting more and more applications for employees, customers and partners.

    With so many demands, traditional network architectures can no longer keep pace and deliver the performance, security and visibility today’s IT and network managers need. A faster, more efficient network means you can function more cost-effectively, keep end users and customers happier, and contribute to a healthier bottom line. Our goal is to help your company stay ahead of these challenges with an intelligent network that is faster, more secure and flexible to change with the evolving needs of your business.
  • Which Solution is Right for You?

    Let our experts create a custom solution to meet your business needs.


  • XO can build an intelligent network solution that delivers the performance, security and visibility your network needs. Let us help design a network solution that can help you:

    • Deliver higher volumes of data across your network with the bandwidth your business needs
    • Improve mission-critical application performance with the intelligence to prioritize network traffic
    • Eliminate network bottlenecks by having better visibility into the performance of your network
    • Monitor your network, improve security and provide visibility into the threats against your company
    • Extend the reach of your network with secure access to applications and data by remote users
    • Provide a powerful network platform that can help you deliver multiple services like VoIP, cloud computing and other network-based services to your employees, customers and partners

  • Build an Intelligent WAN with XO Services


    Give your multi-location business a reliable, cost-effective MPLS-enabled intelligent Wide Area Network (WAN) solution with MPLS IP-VPN from XO. Our MPLS IP-VPN service helps you simplify network management tasks, while simultaneously reducing your costs and improving the performance of your applications. XO MPLS IP-VPN service provides secure network communications that let you confidently connect with your locations across town or across the globe.

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    Hosted Security

    A fully managed suite of network-based security functionality, Hosted Security from XO Communications offers an end-to-end security solution that is both affordable and easy to use. Hosted Security lets you protect your infrastructure and applications from security threats, while centralizing network security controls and policies from across your network.

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    Applications Performance Management

    Make better use of your existing infrastructure, take full advantage of your WAN investments across locations and control your network and applications across the enterprise with Applications Performance Management tools from XO.

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    XO Bandwidth-on-Demand

    XO Bandwidth-on-Demand allows your network to automatically scale to accommodate bandwidth demand via a usage based approach for XO MPLS IP-VPN and XO VPLS wide area networking services. Use it to create powerful cloud computing and data center strategic solutions.

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