XO Intelligent WAN

Put worried in the past

Sometimes, the look on their faces says it all. Get ahead of your clients’ and colleagues’ worries with a single, unified solution that optimizes your network, performance, and security. It’s time to start forward planning, it’s time for iWAN.


Director of Security

Put worried in the past

His "Our-system-is-flooded-with-bogus-requests" fright

Your firewall and routing systems used to be enough, but now a custom application is assaulting your company’s private network. DDoS protection is nice, but his growing business has you scrambling to regain control over your traffic.

How can iWAN enhance security?

VP of Marketing

Put worried in the past

Her "Our-busy-season-crashed-our-system" shock.

This is a business that’s driven by the seasons, so why wasn’t her network ready? You’ve wanted to plan for the holiday rush but you don’t have the visibility to scale and facilitate sales. Rather than getting ahead, you’re left holding the bag.

How can iWAN improve performance?


Put worried in the past

His I'm-moving-forward-with-mobile-no-matter-what" glare

They want to increase employee productivity, but do they have any idea what that means for the network? While mobile and tablets are now must-haves for him, network jitter and poor call quality are now problems for you.

How can iWAN offer panoramic visibility?

VP of Operations

Put worried in the past

Her "we-bought-a-new-company-now-get-them-integrated" alarm.

Businesses are coming together, but now the network is falling apart. Being ready for new locations and applications means being more integrated and efficient, instead you’re mired in daily vendor management.

How can iWAN unify your network?

Director of Business Analysis

Put worried in the past

Her "we-bought-a-new-company-now-get-them-integrated" alarm.

You wanted users accessing services in the cloud, not sitting there waiting for something to happen. Instead of saving your company money, you’re scrambling because employees are wasting time.

How can iWAN Make your network Cloud Ready?


Put worried in the past

Her "we-bought-a-new-company-now-get-them-integrated" alarm.

He’s about to close a big deal but can’t access the network to demonstrate the company’s capabilities. You need a resilient, private network that delivers more access options than traditional WAN services; he needs access to your server, like now.

How can iWAN expand your network?
Intelligent WAN by XO

A smarter network. A unified solution.

Intelligent WAN, XO’s unified approach to wide area networking, is how IT professionals are getting ahead of the challenges that come with implementing cloud computing, mobility, big data and unified communications.

Intelligent WAN's capabilities include:

  • Network

    Connect and unify multiple locations and prioritize network traffic with MPLS IP-VPN

  • Hosted Security

    Secure your network with a suite of Unified Threat management capabilities

  • Applications Performance Management

    Optimize your WAN with better visibility and analytical tools


Empower your network’s capabilities.

Connect multiple locations and unify employees with a fully integrated MPLS solution.

XO® MPLS IP-VPN’s capabilities include:

  • Unified, high-capacity IP services over XO’s nationwide MPLS backbone
  • Incremental and scalable bandwidth options that improve flexibility
  • Prioritization of all types of network traffic to lower latencies
  • Routing intelligence that resides in the XO network
  • Infrastructure optimization to lower costs
  • Access to all Classes of Service for one flat rate

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Provide protection across your enterprise.

Develop a risk management strategy that delivers unparalleled security.

XO’s Hosted Security capabilities include:

  • Centralized security controls and policies
  • The industry’s top ranked unified threat management platform
  • Intrusion detection and prevention system (includes DDoS)
  • 24/7/365 surveillance provided by a leading security intelligence provider
  • Uniform, network-based security to reduce capital outlays
  • Up-to-the-minute information to guide network decisions

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Prepare for challenges in advance.

Predict interruptions with an intelligent network designed around your applications.

XO’s suite of Applications Performance Management capabilities include:

  • Web portal with end-to-end, panoramic visibility
  • Cost maximizing insights, trends and live analysis
  • Call quality and application performance appraisals
  • Prioritization and advance planning for new applications and upgrades
  • Real-time bandwidth investment management and monitoring

Find out how increasing visibility reduced operating costs

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Intelligent WAN by XO

A smarter network. A unified solution.

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